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Ken's World launched into cyberspace on 16 July 1997.  In July 2005 I registered the domain kens-world.com and moved the site to that address.

No material in Ken's World is copyrighted against noncommercial use, to the best of my knowledge, except where expressly noted.  You may freely use any non-copyrighted image you find here for noncommercial purposes, except for the personal photos, which may not be reproduced without permission.  Many of the images on these web pages are not original artwork.  Where the original artist is known, the images are used with the artist's permission.  If you see your original artwork here and you believe it to be used inappropriately, please write to me. 

This is a personal, non-commercial web site; I don't solicit money or sell anything.  It exists solely for my amusement (is there any better reason?).   Ken's World is described as "Mostly harmless" by the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, so don't panic.  It is 100% non fattening and environmentally friendly, using only recycled electrons.  No animals were harmed in the testing of these web pages, though my cats derived some entertainment watching me work on them.  


Linking to Ken's World

Logo Some visitors have asked if they may add a link to Ken's World from their own web page.  Of course!  The HTML for the link should look like this:  <A HREF="http://www.kens-world.com">Ken's World</A>  If you wish, you may use the world image shown here as an image for the link.  It's the closest thing to a logo that I have.


Site Information

I've endeavored to design my web pages to work well with a variety of browsers, but I have not tested all of them.  Some of my pages use Javascript, which requires a Java-enabled browser to display properly.


This site is registered and labeled with ICRA, the Internet Content Rating Association.  If you have the content filter on your web browser activated, it will recognize that Ken's World is a fun place even for children and small animals.


Tools For Developing Web Pages on a Shoestring Budget

I initially built many of these web pages using AOLPress, a free WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get") editor for web pages.  It is no longer available.  FrontPage Express was another useful (and free) web page editor that I used for a long time.  But that one burned down, fell over, then sank into the swamp.  (Actually, it's still available if you search for it, but it hasn't been supported for years.)  At this point I am using the free version of Blue Griffon, which suits my purposes well enough for now.

For editing graphics, IrfanView is a great tool that's free for noncommercial use.  It works with your scanner, and it can even edit animated GIF files.  I still use it for quick editing jobs, and I prefer it to many other popular tools that cost money.  IrfanView has the nice ability to decrease the number of colors in an image, reducing the size of size of an image files so the web pages that use them load faster.  I've used this technique on many of the non-photographic images on this site.

For more advanced image editing, I use Gimp 2.  It's free, and useful for editing images with transparent layers, but not easy to learn to use effectively.

I've used Xenu's Link Sleuth to find broken links on my web pages.  It's free, fast, easier to use than most retail products, and it does just as good a job.

An easy-to-use FTP tool for Windows for transferring your files to your web site is FileZilla.  It is free and what I'm using now.



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