Jazz's Page

Hi, my name is Jazz!  I'm the male half of the Musical Cybercats.  I was born in August 2003.  I hung out at the Denver Dumb Friends League until I was about ten weeks old, checking out the perspective humans.  I thought Ken was nice and he seemed playful so I adopted him.  I also let my sister Sonata come with us.  She's okay, for a girl.

Ken says we have to pull our own weight and work for a living, so my title is Chief Security Officer.  Visitors must pass the sniff test to see if they've been anywhere interesting.  At night I patrol the bed perimeter, dig fox holes in the blankets, and attack enemy military installations (Ken's feet).  When that mission is accomplished, I sit on Ken's chest to make sure he's well guarded, and proceed to groom myself.  I think he really admires how I can maintain personal hygiene in the field without leaving my post.

I conduct spontaneous, unscheduled war games with my Deputy to test her response to a sneak attack.  I run a tight house, and a cat has to be ready for anything, at any time.  Constant vigilance is my motto -- right after my nap.

Nicknames: Stinker, Spaz, "Chief" (see job description).

Favorite Things: Lap time, popcorn, playing Chase the String (I always win).

Dislikes: Vacuum cleaner (it's scary!), being ignored when I have something important to say.


Adult Pictures

"I hope you weren't planning to use this"


Squirrel Watching


With Sonata helping Ken at the computer


"Hey Sis, with a little push I bet you can go all the way in!"


Kitten Pictures

I'm not supposed to be doing this!




Sleeping is hard work