I lost Kashmir in the summer of 2001 when she managed to get out of the house.  Apparently she couldn't find her way back.  I don't know what finally happened to her, but I've preserved her web page here.

Hi, my name is Kashmir.  I'm 9 years old.  Ken adopted me from the Denver Dumb Friends League, an animal shelter, when I was 3.  My previous owner left me there on the door step in a cardboard box before Ken rescued me.  I'm very curious, and I like meeting new humans.

Favorite Things: Lap time, watching television, eating Ken's house plants, playing Chase the String (I'm very good).

Dislikes: Trips to the vet, being sneak-attacked by Mistletoe.

Wearing my red bow

Looking mysterious.  May I tell your fortune?


Curled up with a good book

Cat in a box!