Sonata's Page

Hello, my name is Sonata.  I'm the female (and smarter) half of the Musical Cybercats.  I entered the world in August 2003.  My brother and I were guests at the Denver Dumb Friends League until we selected Ken as our adopted human to take us home.  I thought he was cute, looking through the glass at us with his nose pressed against the window.  Jazz said he looked like an easy mark.  So we were agreed. 

My job in Ken's World is Public Relations and Administrative Assistant.   I'm cute, I type 60 words a minute (give or take 60 words), and I sit on all of Ken's important papers.  Did I mention that I'm cute?  I handle his appointments and make sure he wakes up on time.  I think it's important to start this process an hour or so before the alarm goes off.  He sure can be a grouch in the morning, but fortunately his aim isn't very good when he lobs a pillow at me.  I press his clothes (sleeping on his shirt) and assist him with his socks (I latch on to the end with teeth and claws to steady it for him as he pulls the sock on).

My brother has appointed me Deputy Security Officer.  I'm smaller than he is, so I study martial arts.  My favorite move is the Vulcan Nose Pinch, which I practice on Ken when he's sleeping.  One good bite and ... see!  I've incapacitated my much larger opponent.

Nicknames: Stinkette, Toilet Girl (I only fell in twice!), Precious (for obvious reasons).

Favorite Things: My foam rubber ball, smelling Ken's socks, attacking Ken (I like to hear him yell).

Dislikes: Catnip, being sneak-attacked by my brother Jazz.


Adult Pictures

"This spot is mine"


Nightstand Cat


Sonata's "Flying Cat" Pose -- Just needs a cape


With Jazz


Kitten Pictures

First Day Home!


This is my chair.  You will have to find your own.


Looking Cute