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This news page details the latest changes at this web site -- all the news that's fit to print.  Check the "Ken's World Times" to read about the latest doings in Ken's World.  The Editor doesn't update this page as often as he'd like, but since Ken's World only has one newspaper, he isn't too worried about competition. 

The Universe is expanding, and Ken's World is too!  Personal pages have been added for the latest Cybercats, Jazz and Sonata.

I've posted two more humorous cat-related video clips (no, not featuring my own beloved cyber kitties) in the Cat Humor section, a total of four videos so far.  These large files are putting a squeeze on my web storage space (alas, Ken's World -- though virtual -- still faces mundane contraints) but I wanted to share them.  I'll try to keep them up here.  I've also added four short historical telecom videos to my Work page.  Other changes are mostly updates -- newer cat pictures, fixed links, and updated web page labeling to work with the ICRA system.

The news ticker above is a live news feed.  When you see a headline of interest, just click the ticker to read the news article.  The time and temperature indicator in the upper right does not update automatically; it only changes when you return to this page or when you refresh this page.  (If you can't see the time/temperature gizmo, your browser or anti-spyware might be set to block certain "banner" sites, and access to banners.wunderground.com is required.)

The image to the right of this text is a current view of Denver.   Click it to see the full size image.

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