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It's scenes like this that keep me going back to the mountains. I took this picture while ascending La Plata Peak on 5 July 1997. Aspen groves line the seemingly endless switchbacks ascending from the Missouri Gulch trailhead toward Mounts Oxford and Missouri.

Atop Mount Columbia (14,073 feet) on 24 August 1997. The peak behind me on the left above the small snow patch is Mount Harvard.

On the summit of Mount Harvard (14,420 feet) in Colorado's Sawatch mountain range on 6 September 1997.  Behind me on the left is Mount Columbia.  In the distance are Antero and Princeton.

With friend Tim at the summit of Mount Bierstadt, at 14,060 feet on 14 September 2002.  This was Tim's first Fourteener.  Why he chose me as a guide I'll never know, but I haven't lost anyone yet.

Friends Sue and Clark on an igloo-building expedition on 3 March 2002.  The snow was good but the igloo construction did not go well, so we abandoned the attempt after awhile and went snowshoeing instead.  We went to an excellent German restaurant in Nederland on the trip back to Denver.

This photo shows me on the left, doing all the hard work (actually Sue, who took this picture, and Dave (not shown) were shoveling too).  Clark is loafing around in the center of the igloo, packing the snow into ice blocks. 

The attempt wasn't entirely successful because the angle we used was too shallow, and we stopped here.  Pictured above are myself, Dave, and Clark.  This was on 4 March 2001.  Clark and Sue chose this site near the East Portal Moffat Tunnel in Arapaho National Forest in the vicinity of Rollinsville.

Despite the severe alpine conditions, this purple wildflower still grows at 13,900 feet. Friends Diana and Kevin in Horn Fork Basin (September 1997) Tabeguache Peak at 14,155 feet on
3 August 1997

Near the summit of Mount Evans (14,264 feet)
with friends Linda and Tom on 29 July 1995

A familiy of mountain goats that we passed
on the last ridge to the top of Evans

On a showshoeing trek up Mount Bierstadt on 22 May 1998, easily crossing over the infamous willows field while it's covered in snow.  I'm in the foreground; Kevin is in the background.  We're carrying ice axes more as a safety measure than from necessity.

Nearing the summit, looking south.  Diana is in the foreground.  That's me standing.  The snow-covered mountains are spectacular.

I like this picture.  It's a little too flat here, but descending the steeper sections of Bierstadt is easily accomplished by sliding down on your posterior.  It's fun, but a little cold.  I lost one of my water bottles sliding down on this hike.

Uncompahgre Peak in southwestern Colorado is one of most scenic Fourteeners I've hiked.  Much of the rock has a pinkish hue, and the early stretches of the ascent pass through meadows with streams.

The view from the summit of Uncompahgre is amazing.   The tiny figure is me on 22 August 1998.  My hiking companions always get drafted for camera duty.

Kevin, on the lower part the climb up Uncompahgre Peak.