Uncompahgre Encounter

I've lived in the Denver area for a long time and met many people, and naturally some of those share an interest in hiking, but it's always a surprise to encounter a familiar face in the wilderness. I've met the husband of a friend while hiking in Golden Gate Canyon, and I met a friend in the town of Buena Vista after climbing Mount Columbia earlier that day (he had been white-water rafting, and we somehow ended up at the same restaurant).

The most unusual coincidental meeting occurred on 29 August 1998 on Uncompahgre Peak, about 250 miles from home. I was having my lunch on the summit when a gal asked me to take her picture. After I did this, she was looking at me kind of oddly, but then I get that a lot, so I ran through my mental check list: nose wiped, pants zipped, shoes tied, and hat on (it hides the goofy-hair effect that I get on day hikes). Nope, all clear. She asked me where I was from, and after we talked a bit she remembered that we had met on a blind date in Denver about 6 years ago. After that, I did recall meeting her (it was just one time). Her name is Dana (that's her in the photo), and she's now married and has a child.


(Side bar: I seem to have a certain effect on women. After a date with me, they marry the next guy they meet. My so-called "friends" speculate that it's the favorable comparison the gal draws between the next guy and me. Well, I really am happy for them, but this "gift" of mine is annoying for me. I should charge for this. My hiking companion that day pointed out that I haven't lost my touch. Thanks a lot.)

Mystery Slab

Strange Thing #2 for the day is the cement slab on Uncompahgre's peak. You can see it in the photo. The slab is several inches thick and measures about 3 feet square. It serves no apparent purpose. Presumably someone lugged cement mix all the way up there to make this thing. Or perhaps aliens left it there. <grin>